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The Syunik region is one of the best tourist attractions of interest in Armenia

The Syunik region is one of the best tourist attractions of interest in Armenia. It is rich with forests, mountains, sites of historical and cultural value, natural monuments, and of course famous healing springs. A significant part of the specially protected natural areas of Armenia are located in this region.

🌐 Among the main tourist attractions of the Syunik region are Tatev monastery, Karahunj observatory, and the longest ropeway (cable car) in Armenia. Tatev Monastery is an outstanding monument of medieval architecture, which includes the Saint Grigor the Illuminator Church, Poghos-Petros churches, the Surb Astvatsatsin Church (in the form of a domed hall dating from the 11th century), and the most remarkable monument – the swinging column, dating from the 10th century.

🏔️ The second-highest mountain peak of RA – Kaputjugh (3904m) – is located in the picturesque heights of Syunik’s Bargushat mountain range, along with Khustup mountain (3214m), Achanan (Tapasar) mountain (2393m), Katar (3012m), and dozens of others

🌁 Khndzoresk swinging bridge is one of the most beautiful places in Syunik.

The bridge connects the two “banks” of old Khndzoresk – Old and New Khndzoresk, from where the four churches of Khndzoresk and the spring of “Nine Children” can be seen.

From the bridge there is a view of the valley, where the Anapat church is located. At the other end of the bridge is the cave city with its many cave-houses and “mansions”

💧 Syunik has an abundance of fresh mineral thermal springs, among which are the Sisian-Urutyan, Lichk-Tashtunyan, and Karashen-Khoznavaryan mineral springs, “Kajaran” thermal water. One of the features of Syunik is the crafts market, where beautiful creations made by gifted masters are on offer and show the temperament hospitality of Syunik’s inhabitants.

Syunik offers a variety of unique foods; Sisian cheese, Karahunj mulberry vodka, Kapan “jingyalov bread”, Meghri pomegranates, and figs are the delicious calling cards of the region.

Photos by Hayk Barseghyan

Hayk Barseghyan Photography

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