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Anna Hakobyan visits National University Health System in Singapore

Singapore – Օn July 8, Anna Hakobyan, spouse of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of City of Smile Charitable Foundation, visited National University Health System in Singapore, got acquainted with the activities of both the medical center and the Institute of Oncology, presented the activities and the international cooperation of “City of Smile” Foundation, emphasizing that the collaboration with National University Health System is also one of the most important projects.

“The Foundation has been operating for already one year. During this time, we were able to provide free treatment for 170 children and young adults with cancer. Unfortunately, according to statistics, every year 100 new cases of pediatric cancer are registered in Armenia and they all need support. During this one year, our Foundation has done a great deal of work, but we want to move forward, increase our cooperation and help more people. I am convinced that regardless of where people live and what religion they practice, if they look in one direction and have the same goal, they must unite their efforts to make the work more productive”, said Anna Hakobyan.

In response to this, professor Yo En Ju Allen stressed that the goals unite people.

“I know that your Foundation provides free treatment to children and I really want to thank you for not leaving these kids alone. It’s really a very important step.”

At the end of the meeting, Anna Hakobyan presented the painting by our 5-year-old Gohar Baloyan to the center. Goharik is now receiving treatment at Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.

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