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Artsakh’s remarkable Mayraberd fortress

14 km towards east from Stepanakert is situated Artsakh’s stunning “Mayraberd” Fortress.
🔸This vanguard fort with high towers and thick walls stretches for more than 1.5 km on both sides of the Karkar River’s Valley. It is fastened with double-ramparts, with which it makes impregnable the canyon between the mountains.
🔸The fortress was built in 1751 and served as a military base from the middle of the 18th century.
🔸In historical literature there is quite enough information about the heroic events that took place by the strong walls of this fort.
The castle played a major defensive role in self-defense during the Turkish invaders’ invasion in 1918-20.
The walls of this fortress, the vanguard of the Karkar Valley, served as a powerful shield during the defense of Shushi in 1992. The fortress was damaged by explosions, where part of one of the towers collapsed. The traces of the rocket fragments of the 90s war are still preserved.

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