Saturday, July 13, 2024

Dynamics of tuberculosis morbidity indices in penitenciary and civil public health systems of the Republic of Armenia

K.K.Vardanyan, A.K.Hayrapetyan, A.I. Hovhannisyan, A.T. Sargsyan 

The problem of infectious diseases occurrence, their prevention and combating measures in people who are in criminal-executive institutions, is quite topical and attracts great attention. The quick spreading of tuberculosis (TB), HIV- infections and other infectious diseases among the contingent of penitentiary institutions can create a great threat for life and health of the convicts, people under investigation, the staff of these institutions, and epidemiological danger for the population.

The dynamics of the primary and general TB morbidity of the respiratory organs has been studied in the penitentiary and civil public health systems for 12-year period. In order to conduct the investigation we have used materials of the official statistics and annual reports of the two above mentioned departments for this period of time.17690732_1100645380041451_524384384_n

We have worked out the primary and general morbidity indices, the average values of the mentioned indices, ratio coefficient of general and primary pulmonary TB morbidity among the special contingent of criminal reformatory institutions of MJ and the civil population of RA.

For the whole period of the investigation the general TB morbidity index among the imprisoned exceeds the level of general national indices. It is probably conditioned by the unfavorable social and medical-biological factors that still maintain in the above mentioned institutions.

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