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How to ease the pressure of your bloated stomach at home

“Try to identify what’s triggering your bloating, then you can deal with the cause,” says Dr Hicks. “If nothing is jumping out at you, chart your symptoms in a diary.”

He suggests doing this in parallel with general lifestyle adjustments:

1. Eat more fibre

It makes gas but also keeps the bowel moving – most of us don’t eat enough.

2. Drink lots of liquid

Just not fizzy or alcoholic drinks.

3. Eat slowly

And don’t talk while eating, to avoid excess air entering your body.

4. Exercise

Regular exercise is thought to help maintain your digestive system.

5. Keep stress under control

The NHS says stress can cause digestive issues.

6. Go to the loo when you need to

It’s important to respond to the call of Mother Nature straight away. Otherwise you lose the urge and stools and gas build up.

7. Peppermint tea

If you think your bloating is due to pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), Dr Hicks says peppermint could help disperse gas.

8. Cut your salt intake

Dr Atkinson says that salt causes fluid retention, which can cause bloating.For fluid retention, also try primrose oil, vitamins E and B6.

9. Natural remedies

Slippery elm (capsules or powder) is good,” says medical herbalist Dee Atkinson. “The benefits of this powdered bark include soothing inflammation. If constipation is the problem, psyllium husks act as a gentle laxative and work well with slippery elm.”

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