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Your way to your beauty sleep

Did you know that the aging process of the skin starts in your twenties? So, it would be best to start thinking about your skin at an early age. Your lifestyle is important when it comes to a healthy complexion. Because, besides your genes and hormones, your metabolism and outer influences like UV-radiation, your lifestyle significantly influences skin aging.

Besides a balanced nutrition as well as regular exercise and sport, especially sufficient restful and healthy sleep is a key factor for skin aging. Like scientists from the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden determined in a study, sleep is the crucial factor for having a healthier and more attractive impact on others. But, consider some important facts for optimal regeneration of skin cells during your beauty sleep.

Proper skin care

Before going to bed, do something for your skin. In the first step, get rid of dirt and impurities. Dust, welding residues and make up could possible block skin pores, pimples and blemishes might arise. Prefer natural skin care products because chemical products clean the skin but contribute to the loss of the protecting oil layer of your skin. After cleaning, use a moisturizing skin care which supports skin regeneration during the night.

Proper sleeping position

Are you waking up with wrinkles on your face and décolleté? Check your sleeping position! Especially sleeping on the stomach and in lateral position contribute to wrinkling. In these sleeping positions the skin in your face and chest area becomes wrinkled and the circulation is diminished. An ergonomic pillow might reduce wrinkling.

Proper sleeping underlay

Not only is your pillow important when it comes to beauty sleep. A proper sleeping underlay plays an important role, too. During sleep, important detoxifying processes take place. And our skin, too, eliminates toxins. Especially natural materials like natural sheep wool are perfect for neutralizing these toxins. Sheep wool not only cares for a dry and warm bedding climate it also has an antibacterial effect and a high self-cleaning ability.

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