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24 etiquette rules for ladies

Sometimes it may seem that the age of fancy etiquette rules has passed a long time ago. We do not live within Victorian society anymore, do we? This is true but etiquette is still important, however, there are not as many rules as there have been before. Everything is simplified these days, like it or not.

To cut a long story short, we are going to talk about 24 etiquette rules that every self-respecting lady is bound to know. To tell you the truth there is nothing complex about memorizing them, in fact you may know most of them. We hope you are not scared easily and that being a true lady is what you aim for! Let’s take a closer look at these rules!

#1. The first room you should introduce your new guests to is the bathroom so that they can freshen themselves up before meeting the others.

#2. If there are edible or drinkable presents brought to you by new guests put them on the table so that everyone can have a taste.

#3. If you need to leave party earlier only tell the host so that none of the guests treat it like an invitation to leave at the same time as you.

#4. If you are out and you feel that it is too stuffy in the restaurant or café the first thing you should do is tell the waiter about it.

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#5. Never show the contents of your purse to the public.

#6. Never brush your hair anywhere but in the ladies’ room.

#7. Putting on makeup is allowed in the ladies’ room also, except for lipstick.

#8. Even when you are at home it is a bad manners to shout to someone from the other room.

#9. Refilling your glass on your own is also rude, ask someone sitting next to you to do it.

#10. Never choose the best place at the table, choose the nearest. Rules, rules.

#11. Put your spoon down only after you are done with soup inside the plate.

#12. Looping your fingers around a cup handle when drinking coffee is ok but not when you drink tea.

#13. No purse or hat should be on your desk.

#14. When sitting on a low chair never cross your legs.

#15. If there is no cloakroom place your clothes on special hangers.

#16. The only thing you are allowed to do in the cloakroom is to fix your hair.

#17. Sometimes you can wear your coat inside.

#18. Leave everything inside the cloakroom except your purse.

#19. A lady does not ‘step’ into a car, she slides in and out.

#20. Allowing your boyfriend to take you to your car is ok.

#21. If you own a car there is no need for your boyfriend to pick you up.

#22. You can sit with a man in the back seat only if you are acquainted already.

#23. Do not let your mood affect your manners.

#24. Say no to your smartphone when you are out with your friends.


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